Clarence District Cricket Club Seniors Statistics 1st Grade
Clarence District Cricket Club Seniors Statistics 1st Grade
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Honours Summary
All Matches, 1st Grade, Clarence, 27-Oct-1956 to 19-Mar-2016
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average Shipperd,Greg Clarence 71.16
Highest Score Tubb,Shannon Clarence 342
Best Batting Strike Rate Wegman,Nathan Clarence 91.56
Best Batting Aggregate Dykes,Andrew Clarence 9719
Best Bowling Average Patterson,Brian Clarence 11.42
Best Bowling Economy Beven,Ian Clarence 1.96
Most Wickets Colegrave,Mark Clarence 743
Most Wickets in Innings Colegrave,Mark Clarence 9-42
Most Catches Clingeleffer,Matt Clarence 288
Hat Trick Farrell,Graham Clarence  
Hat Trick Aldridge,John Clarence  
Hat Trick Colegrave,Mark Clarence  
Hat Trick Wright,Jason Clarence  
Hat Trick Wright,Jason Clarence  
Hat Trick Treanor,Alex Clarence  
Hat Trick Meredith, Riley Clarence  
Highest Innings Score Clarence A Clarence 549
Lowest Innings Score Clarence A Clarence -
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