CDCC Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket Programs

At the Clarence District Cricket Club (CDCC) we offer a full range of junior cricket from the
entry level Woolworths Blaster Programs through to Hurricane Junior League pitch cricket.
Our goal is to see as many kids as possible playing cricket no matter their age or ability.

Below is an age guide for the various programs on offer to help you determine which
program might be right for your kids:



These ages are just guides and dispensation can be applied for in certain circumstances.

We rely heavily on volunteers to ensure our junior cricket programs are delivered smoothly
and effectively. If you are interested in helping out your community by providing some of
your time and talents, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

COVID-19 and Junior Cricket
We have all been impacted to some degree by the recent events surrounding COVID-19.
Thankfully, at this stage, it appears that junior cricket will be able to proceed pretty much as
normal. This is great news but understandably is subject to change. There are some things
to note however:


  • There is to be no sharing of playing equipment other than the ball (this includes but is
    not limited to bats, unless gloves are worn, pads, gloves, helmets and other
    protective gear.

For all junior cricket enquiries, please contact our club Junior Coordinator, Luke Ellis, at